Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oreo Caramel Apple

Dang, I'm kind of on a roll.  Posting four times in two weeks.  Gettin all crazy. 

I hope that I haven't just jinxed myself. 


I know lots of you are saying the same thing.  Where did October go?  How can Halloween be a few days away?  It never ceases to amaze me how fast it all goes.  Even though I'm not quite sure how October snuck up on me, I'm happy for the change of weather.  Though again, it's in the 80's much of this week here in my corner of So Cal.  But at least our nights get cool enough to snuggle under our down comforter.

I was browsing through my food photos and realized I had a perfect October treat to post.  I actually made this caramel apple several months ago and then of course forgot all about it.  If you're looking for a fun goodie to make for Halloween or just to enjoy any day of the week, you can get very creative with caramel apples. 

Have you ever been to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory?  They are famous for their vast selection of dressed up caramel apples.  They have creations such as apple pie caramel apples, to Oreo caramel apples and peanut butter cup caramel apples, to name a few.  I haven't met an apple from Rocky Mountain I didn't like.  

Making your own caramel apple at home is easy to do.  Because you have to melt a fair amount of caramel and candy coating, I recommend making several apples at one time.  I only made two, which meant some of my ingredients went to waste. 

You can also give a fancy-fied caramel apple as a gift.  Place a fully set apple in a clear treat bag (from Michaels) and tie off with a festive ribbon.  But save one for yourself.  Because they are delcious!  And look at it this way.  Indulging in a cookie coated, caramel apple is better than eating a plain old cookie or candy bar.  The apple part makes this totally okay to eat...practically a healthy dessert. 


No, really. 

Maybe.  :)


Oreo Caramel Apple
This is more of an ingredient list than an exact recipe. 

Granny Smith apples
Caramel candies (or make your own caramel)
Vanilla candy coating (or melted white chocolate)
Crushed Oreo cookies
Lollilop sticks

Crush Oreos in a sealed zip top bag using a mallet or rolling pin and place crushed cookies in a pie plate and set aside.  Line a baking sheet with foil or parchment paper.  Remove stem from apple and insert lollipop stick 1/3 of way into apple.  Melt caramel candies (or make your own).  Dip apple in caramel and twirl around until evenly coated, leaving some green apple showing.  Allow excess to drip off and then place on prepared baking sheet and allow to set about 20-30 minutes. 

Make sure your crushed Oreos are handy.  Then melt vanilla candy coating (or white chocolate) and dip apple while still allowing caramel layer to show.  Place apple in the cookie filled pie plate and using your hands pat a generous amount crushed Oreos into the vanilla layer while still allowing vanilla layer to still show.  Some of the cookies will fall off but just keep packing them back on and patting them into the coating.  Return to parchment paper and allow to set.  You can place in the refrigerator for 10 minutes to set quicker.  Don't refrigerate for too long or the apple will sweat.


  1. Yes, time sure flies. I can't believe it's almost November! These apples look to die for! Oh my! Lucky you still having decent weather. It's been 40-50's during the day and freezing at night here in MI.

  2. Oh my word, I literally started salivating upon seeing the first pic in this post!! I need this apple in my life like yesterday :) We stopped into Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for the first time when we were in Canada this summer and I'm pretty sure I gained 5 lbs just being in there, it all looked so good!

  3. I do love Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. It was there that I was introduced to my favorite, Caramel Apple Pie. It is dipped in caramel, then white chocolate then rolled in a mixture of cinnamon and brown sugar--be still my heart! What a treat.
    But the Oreo one looks pretty good too. If you gift such an apple to someone you just may have a friend for life!

  4. Surrrreee these are healthy ;) Yours look way better than Rocky Mountain!
    Thanks for checking in :)

  5. oh your apple looks very good! what kind of melt vanilla candy do you use? thank you!

  6. Just a tip- RMCF uses melted white chocolate, so if you want them to turn out like theirs I'd recommend using that instead of the vanilla coating.