Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hanukkah Cake Truffles

Did you know Hanukkah starts on December 1st this year? So this weekend I was busy prepping Hanukkah gifts and goodies for my husband's family back in Illinois. I decided the "goodies" should be cake truffles, my newest fascination in sweet treats! (If anyone in my hubby's family is reading this prior to December 1st, act surprised when these goodies show up in the mail on Wednesday.) Though I have only posted about cake truffles once, I have now made them 4 times. Testing out cake flavor and frosting combinations to see what works best. I thought Hanukkah themed cake truffles would look best with white cake (with vanilla frosting). Granted I had never taste tested a white cake truffle, so I was really just winging it. I'm generally not a white cake girl (chocolate is my go to cake), but these turned out tasty...especially the ones dipped in dark chocolate.

Wondering what a cake truffle is? A bite size creamy, smooth, moist cake blended with frosting and covered in delicious candy coating (such as dark chocolate). It's a little bite of heaven really.

The coolest part about making cake truffles is decorating them! Sprinkles, sanding sugars, jimmies and colored candy melts are just a few things I used to decorate my Hanukkah cake truffles.

I'm planning to make more truffles for Christmas and I will share some step by step instructions and photos. If you want to know more about cake truffles now check out Bakerella's blog. They go by the name of cake balls or cake pops on her site. She has perfected (what I like to call) the cake truffle and has taken it to the next level with some pretty amazing decorative skills. If you haven't seen Bakerella's work before, your socks will be knocked off.

I found the perfect size treat boxes at Michaels. The box is made by Wilton and sold in a pack of 3 for $2.99. The box fits 9 cake truffles perfectly. Add pretty ribbon and a personalized label and you have a special and delicious gift.

Happy Hanukkah!


  1. These look super cute!!! I tried (choc) cake truffles once (I totally winged it) and they were awesome.

  2. The truffles look beautiful, Gloria! I'm sure the recipients will be thrilled to get these in the mail. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend and have a happy Hannukah!

  3. So thanks to you Gloria, these are my new fav! I am looking forward to making these again this weekend and coming up with new creations. Pretty simple and straight forward and super yummy.So glad my BFF is a foodie.

  4. These look fantastic! Like something from a bakery. You did a gorgeous job.

  5. The expression "red velvet" gets referenced a great deal nowadays. Cake sweethearts go insane over these and numerous TV Cooking programs has put together numerous scenes with respect to red velvet velvet cake truffle