Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sweet Melissa Sundays: Ginger Custard Pumpkin Pie

Are you sick of pumpkin recipes yet? I'm not! I've made 3 other pumpkin treats this fall and I have a few more planned. I was excited to see that Debbie selected Ginger Custard Pumpkin Pie for this week's Sweet Melissa Sundays recipe.

I have never actually made a pumpkin pie so I'm not sure how to compare this to making a standard pumpkin pie. But luckily I am very experienced at eating pumpkin pie. I am a huge fan. I love my pie with with cool whip on whip. Melissa Murphy's Ginger Custard Pumpkin Pie has a distinct ginger flavor which I found to be a bit overpowering. And I like ginger, but there can be too much of a good thing.

The custard is very light, airy and creamy whereas most pumpkin pies have a more dense custard. This pie is tasty but I would cut down the ginger next time. I used my 6 inch pie pan for the first time and halved the recipe. I made half of the all butter pie dough recipe and had enough dough for two 6 inch pans. And luckily I have 2 pans! So I froze one of the pie pans for future use.

Hop over to the Sweet Melissa Sundays site to see other bakers fall pies.


  1. This looks super delicious! I really wanted to make this one but got tied up this weekend. I think when I do get around to making it though I may tune down the ginger a bit as I would hate for it to overpower the lovely pumpkin.

  2. I didn't make this pie, even though I went and bought fresh ginger. From your picture I can tell it's light and airy. Beautiful!

  3. Your pie looks amazing! I love the texture!

  4. Funny about the differing opinions on the ginger - my tasters thought the ginger flavor could stand to even be a little stronger. Your pie looks great, I'm jealous of your gorgeous crust!

    I'm definitely not sick of pumpkin treats either. I'm still baking with it like crazy :)

  5. Your pie looks wonderful! So funny, I had to add extra ginger to get it gingery enough, but I don't think I chopped it fine enough.

    I love pumpkin treats, too. I've lost count of how many cans of pumpkin I've gone through this fall.