Saturday, February 26, 2011

Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies

Brown bananas were calling desperately from my kitchen.  "Use me! Use Me!"  And my friend Amy kept telling me how much she really wanted to make the Banana Cupcakes I posted last month.  Since I was going to see Amy this week I thought she needed a little banana and chocolate love.  Plus I have been wanting to try these cookies for a few years.  Yet another recipe from my favorite cookie cookbook, Martha Stewart's Cookies.  Her recipe calls for walnuts and chocolate chunks.  I omitted the walnuts and used chocolate chips instead of chopping up chunks.  I made the full recipe which yielded 3 dozen cookies.

These cookies are super easy to make and they are delicious.  They are a moist and cakey cookie.  A marriage of 2 perfect foods....banana bread and chocolate chip cookies.  They are very delicate and so moist that they had to be separated by pieces of parchment for storage.  And speaking from experience, they make for a nice breakfast!

If you have a brown banana calling out to here for the recipe.


  1. My copy of MS Cookies is seriously under-utilized...I can't even remember seeing this recipe! It looks awesome though so I'm glad you shared them :) I have more than a few brown bananas on my counter.

  2. These sound and look amazingly good! I love how you packed them up with the cute polkadot ribbon! Im sure I could eat them for breakfast any morning!!

  3. I absolutely LOVE banana bread and the idea of creating a cookie with both banana and chocolate sounds like heaven. Gorgeous packaging; I bet Amy is going to love the cookies!

  4. Moist, cakey, banana, chocolate - I'm all over these beauties - like white on rice!